jueves, 4 de marzo de 2010

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas (1)

Las Vegas, Nevada
February 24th, 2010 - around 1:00 AM

Me taking pictures somewhere in Las Vegas Boulevard; and she walking towards me.

She: Hi baby.
Me: Hi honey.
She: What are you doing?
Me: Touring around.
She: Did you come alone?
Me: Actually, I came with my uncles.
She: Do you share room with them?
Me: Unfortunately, yes. Vegas is quite expensive city.
She: Ohhhhh... I wanna have some fun with you. Don't you have any other place to go?
Me: Well, you know this place much better than me. Where else do you think we can go?
She: Maybe to my place.
Me: That's fine.
She: Well, it's 500 bucks for...
Me: (WTF??? And she was the one who wanted me to hook her up!)  Sorry, babe. You are out of my budget.
She: But we can include my friend here too (Friend smiles).
Me: Sorry hun, I can't afford that.
She: Are you sure?
Me: Sorry, you are OUT of my budget.

She walks away, and I continue taking pictures.

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Manuel dijo...

jajaja Ese Víctor, jaja Ahora cuenta cómo te fue con las que sí estaban en tu presupuesto, jaja

Vitinho dijo...

Ese Manuel... Eso mejor te lo dejo a tu imaginación.

Luthien Vardamir dijo...


Vitinho dijo...

@Luthien Vardamir: Pero si acabas de comentar XD

Cesar dijo...

wow, entonces el 2x1 de los supermercados aplica en todo lado :S

Vitinho dijo...

Parece que sí.